Tegra 4 To Offer Native HDR With No Dual Shot “Stitching”

Though shooting HDR stills is better than having half of your photo over or under exposed, the whole system is inherently flawed. Shooting two photos to later stitch together means there is a lot of room for error or artifacts. If you move the device while shooting or even if a subject in your shot moves, you’ll have a messed up looking photo.

Instead of having companies that make the devices fix the issue, NVIDIA has taken it upon themselves. Their new Tegra 4 chipset has new native HDR features, such as the ability to take HDR photos in one shot, take burst HDR, HDR video, HDR panoramas,and even use HDR and flash simultaneously. Unrestricted by the multi shot necessity, the possibilities open up. And all devices with the Tegra 4 should be capable of this! What do you guys think? Is this a defining feature of the Tegra 4? Tell us in the comments!


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