The Dog Park: Week Of March 11th

Wow, was this a big week for the Android world! The biggest news, as you guessed, is that Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 4 at their Unpacked 2013 event. Not only was the event held in the US for the first time, but they put on a damn big show. Love it or hate it, it was big. And the same can be said for the phone: though appearance hasn’t been changed all that much, hardware got an excellent bump and software has been the innovative push Samsung is focusing on.

On top of that, we got the terrible news that Google is killing off Google Reader, the RSS feed we all use and love dearly. This would be a little more acceptable if we had a good alternative, but alas, we’re stuck begging Google to keep it.

Are you getting a Galaxy S 4? What was the most important bit of news to you? Tell us in the comments!

March 11th
Possible Samsung Galaxy S IV Images Emerge on Chinese Forums
Samsung Releases Another Video Starring “Secret Messenger” Jeremy Maxwell
Best Buy Starts Hinting At Upcoming Launch of HTC One With In Store Posters
Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Now Available For Sprint Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
White Nexus 4 Bumper Shows Up In The Wild, Will The Matching Phone Show Up Later?
Google Refreshes Mobile Gmail Page, Offline Version With iOS Style UI
Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse Game Is Real…But We Wouldn’t Even Bother Downloading It
Samsung Teases The Galaxy S IV With New Legit Picture
Bluetooth SIG Listing Shows Up For HTC 6445LVW, Could Be Verizon’s HTC One
When Talking LTE, Verizon Dominates In The Coverage But AT&T Has A Need For Speed

March 12th
Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Found On Video Thanks To Chinese Forum?
Good News For AT&T Xperia TL Owners — Jelly Bean Is Now Available
Rumored Motorola, Google X Phone Specs Come To Light, Don’t Wow Us
HTC One Faces Release Delays, Won’t Be Released In The UK Until March 29
Chrome Brags About Syncing Across All Platforms In Latest Ad

March 13th
HTC Announces Developer Edition Of HTC One For $649
International 3G Version Of Galaxy Note 8.0 Goes Through FCC
Samsung Spends More On Advertising Than Apple
Andy Rubin Departs From The Android Team, Replaced By Head Of Chrome OS
Apps That Improve The Stock HTC Experience
Motorola XT912A Shown Off, Stock Android But Not X Phone
Galaxy S IV Cases Leaked Again, Different Design This Time
HTC One Might Come To Verizon, But It’d Be A Few Months Late
Google Removes All Ad Blockers From The Play Store
Amazon Launches Kindle Fire HD 8.9 In Europe And Japan, Drops Price In US
Samsung Flash Mob Caught In NYC, Building Hype For The Next Galaxy
Android Reaches 750 Million Activations
Roh Oh: Google Announces It’s Retiring “Google Reader” This Summer

March 14th
Alleged Galaxy S IV Leaked Right Before The Big Debut
Don’t Forget To Watch Samsung’s Livestream At 7 PM Eastern
LG Puts Cheeky Ad Up In Times Square, Tries To Overshadow Samsung
Galaxy S IV Might Have An IR Blaster
Sign The Petition To Keep Google Reader Alive
LG Announces Value Pack For Optimus G Pro, Adds Features Such As Smart Video
HTC One Coming To Verizon, According To Walmart Document
Update: Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced, Leaks Were Spot On!
Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Official And Explained
AT&T Confirms That It Will Carry The Galaxy S4
T-Mobile Launches Sign Up Page For Galaxy S4 Info
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications

March 15th
HTC Uses Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Flagship Intro As Opportunity To Stir The Snark Pot
SwiftKey Powers The Keyboard Of The Galaxy S 4
All-In-One Toolkit For The HTC One Released
Galaxy S 4 Software Features Will Come To The Galaxy S III And Probably Note II
Otterbox Announces Trio Of Cases For The Galaxy S 4
Samsung Introduces 11 New Accessories For The Galaxy S 4
Samsung Releases Video Showing Off Some Galaxy S 4 Features

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