Verizon Planning Shift To Voice Over LTE And CDMA-Less Devices

Smartphones are pretty expensive these days, and Verizon is looking to make the subsidies on its network cheaper. How is it going to do that? By cutting CDMA out completely. Their future phones may come with only LTE radios, nothing else, and use VoLTE (voice over LTE) for calling. VoLTE is coming sometime late this year or early next year, and LTE only devices can come as early as late 2014.

And while Verizon’s LTE network is fairly young and not the most stable, it does cover 89% of their 3G coverage. It’s extremely widespread and transferring phones to LTE only could work, if the network can keep up. Plus, they have an entire year to improve the network as much as they need to.

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo says that phone subsidies could come down two or three years from now. And cutting CDMA from the devices isn’t a bad idea, considering how good their LTE network is and how much better VoLTE sounds. But what do you think of this? Would you prefer an LTE-only device sometime next year? Or does your loyalty lie in CDMA? Tell us in the comments!


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