60k Apps Deleted Off The Play Store In February, Most Were Probably Spam Cleanup

Back in February, app deletion off the Play Store hit an all time high at 60,000 apps. For an app store that officially has 700,000 apps, that’s an absolutely massive number of apps deleted. And luckily, this doesn’t mean that developers are leaving Android.

Yes, many of these apps were deleted by choice. There are always going to be apps that didn’t do well and were deleted. However, many were also pulled by Google in their quest to make the Play Store safer for everyone. They automatically remove apps that violate their policies and promote spam. And while Google won’t speak of it, their automated systems work quite well. And with people reporting apps themselves, the Play Store keeps itself decently clean.

Many of these deletions were MP3/ringtone apps, so it’s not much of a loss to us. And to all the Play Store users out there, be smart and stay safe. Download apps with good ratings, many downloads, reputable developers, and few permissions. If a permission seems unnecessary, be wary. Android is not 100% safe, but a bit of common sense will keep you from ever seeing malware.

Tech Crunch

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