Android Design Chief Matias Duarte Commends Facebook Home

Remember when the head of Windows Mobile bashed Android, saying they were going to stray from open source? He also mentioned that Google does not want Facebook Home on their app store, like it was some well known fact. Well Matias Duarte, chief of Android design, went out of his way to praise Facebook Home.

The new Facebook Home shows an incredible amount of polish and attention to design detail, and that didn’t come from a hardware manufacturer. With the Home experience, they did a nice job expressing the Facebook experience, but so much of the Google design experience with Ice Cream Sandwich was in there as well.

Being the man who took Android from the ugly 2.3 Gingerbread days into the glory of the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo UI, he knows a thing or five hundred about polish and a good user interface. And even though a lot of us hate on Facebook Home, it’s inherently well designed. Many of its downfalls are due to the social network itself, which says nothing about the design of the app.

Duarte also reminds us that Android is open for a reason, so the fact that Home replaces the Android experience doesn’t bother him. You know, exactly the opposite of what the head of Windows Mobile said. And with Facebook Home leaving a lot of stock Android apps underneath, it’s a lot lighter of a customization than the interfaces HTC and Samsung make. So there you go, straight from the horses mouth. Facebook Home is no threat to Google.

ABC News