AntTek Quick Settings Emulates Android 4.2 Notification Toggles

If you’re running a device with Android 2.1 or higher, but not Android 4.2, you might be missing what 4.2′s new notification toggles have to offer. Maybe you think it’s a more elegant system than whatever your manufacturer made. Fear not, because a new app called AntTek Quick Settings will allow you to use a similar system on your phone without root.

This app will allow you to drag down from the top right corner and have this screen of toggles show up. You can customize each toggle with over 75 actions available. There are even actions for those who have root. And on top of that, there are themes and you can change the size of every action. It’s a very customizable app you should definitely check out, as it is free. There is also a pro version for $1.99. Hit the source link to try it out!

Play: AntTek Quick Settings

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