AT&T Discloses Samsung Galaxy S 4 In-Store Release Date

AT&T Galaxy S 4

We’ve been able to pre-order the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 for a while now, but finally on Monday it was revealed to us when the device would be available in stores.

From AT&T’s twitter account, they unveiled that you can pick up the Galaxy S 4 in stores on Saturday, April 27.  That’s pretty exciting news for any of you who are looking to get one soon.  That hopefully means pre-orders will be shipping out sooner than our previously reported April 30 so you can have your precious S 4 in your hands by the release date.

So, who’s stoked out there?  Who’s picking one up Saturday in stores?  Or are you waiting impatiently for your pre-order shipping confirmation?  Fill us in by commenting below!

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