Can Somebody Please Tell Me Why We Need Phones As Big As The Galaxy Mega?

Galaxy Mega 6.3

When I first saw the news about the Samsung Galaxy Mega yesterday, I was at first convinced that it must be a joke. Then I actually read the articles and my jaw began a quick descent towards the floor. I was absolutely baffled as to why Samsung even made these phones. Who needs such a large phone?

Looking back at the past two or three years in mobile phones, we’ve seen a gradual trend of bigger is better. For a while, this was good. We had phones that had large, beautiful screens but that you could still use with one hand. But where’s the cutoff point? Where do we  make the break between phone and tablet? Traditionally, the Galaxy Note was the largest phone out there at 5.3″. Then it was bested by the Note II at 5.5″. But now we have the Galaxy Mega series at 5.8 and 6.3″. What need is there for such massive phones?

The truth is, there really isn’t a need. It’s the same thought process that has driven manufacturers to put larger displays in their phones for years now. But we’ve finally reached a point where it’s simply becoming outrageous. No one needs a screen this big on their phone and they’re going to look completely ridiculous holding it up to their face to make a call. In all honestly, this is almost as bad of an atrocity as the Galaxy Note 8.0. Either we should be making tablets, or we should be making phones. Not these crazy hybrid models that simply don’t make sense.

I can see why someone might go for a Galaxy Note II. It’s large enough to do similar things to a tablet but still small enough to be a phone. But it’s already pushing the boundaries for how large phones can be. It’s impossible to use the phone with just one hand without having to do some crazy maneuvering. And it does look a bit silly when you see someone making a call with a 5.5″ phone. But this should be the limit. There’s no reason to have phones like the Galaxy Mega because they simply don’t fit in any category. They’re too big to be considered phones but they’re certainly not tablets either.

It’s not required of manufacturers to make huge phones. You can make great phones that are still plenty big and that actually make sense. The Galaxy S III sold tremendously and it was a whole inch smaller than the Galaxy Mega at just 4.8″. The HTC One is brand new and they stuck with their guns for the display size, keeping it at 4.7″. There’s nothing wrong with display sizes like this and they’re both easier to use as well as more normal looking. They’d also cost less for the manufacturer as well as provide better pixel density. And for those worried about the displays not being big enough, they’re still plenty big to watch videos and play games with ease.

Even after all my ranting in this article, I still want to reiterate that there is no real need for massive phones like the Galaxy Mega. Displays of 5″ (okay, maybe 5.5″) or less work perfectly well for what we use smartphones for. It’s almost a shame that we’ve been reduced to the “bigger is better” game. We should focus more on the quality of the display rather than the size. But if the consumer likes these massive displays, then my point is completely invalid. What are your thoughts on these ultra-large displays? Are they what should be the new norm for displays or do you agree that smaller displays work perfectly fine? The comment section below is waiting to be filled with your feelings on the matter!

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