Custom Kernel For HTC One Maps HTC Logo To Button, Two Versions Available

Before the HTC One was released, there was a big debate going on about whether you could make the HTC logo between the two buttons function as another button with a custom kernel. Many said yes, but many said no due to it seeming like the digitizer didn’t reach there. Luckily, we don’t have to wonder anymore, as a custom kernel was released for the HTC One doing exactly this!

The kernel is a work in progress, so if you do take the risk of trying it out, don’t expect a 100% working kernel. There may be bugs. However, it’s an awesome start. The kernel has two variants. One maps the HTC logo to the menu button, which in my opinion is the most elegant way of doing this. There is also another version that makes the home button wake the device, and the HTC logo go to sleep. It’s a clever setup, but probably less useful. We’re sure that there will be more variants, or even an app that’ll let you customize it sometime in the future, as making the HTC logo a multitasking button would be awesome. So keep an eye on it, and if you want to try it out, hit the source link!

XDA-Developers | Droid-Life

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