CyanogenMod Bringing Voice Shutter Functionality To Their ROMs Soon

A few manufacturers have had this feature for a while. What if you want to take a photo but don’t want to try to find the on screen shutter key? Most Android devices don’t come with a dedicated camera button, which is incredibly unfortunate. An easy way to get around that is to use a voice shutter feature. Speaking a keyword will take a photo, no touching of the screen needed.

CyanogenMod is soon adding this feature to their ROMs. There will be a toggle in the camera app, which when turned on, will allow triggering the shutter with your voice once. It will have to be enabled manually every shot. There are a few keywords thrown in, like Cheese, Cid, and Whiskey from the looks of it. There is no way to add custom keywords because they say speech recognition for specific words doesn’t work too great, whereas sentences work better due to words being contextualized. So you’ll be stuck with the current set of keywords, which is perfectly acceptable. Now for the big question: does anyone ever use voice shutter? Leave a comment with your answer!

+Ricardo Cerqueira

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