Eric Schmidt Calls Next Motorola Phones Phenomenal, Announces Android Reaching 1.5 Million Activations Per Day

Every time Google Chairman Eric Schmidt publicly speaks, Android has reached a new milestone in daily activations. As of today, there are 1.5 million activations a day, a staggering number that just keeps growing. The Android train isn’t slowing down, folks! This totals up to 740 million Android phones currently in use, spanning 320 carriers and 160 countries. Since Google makes money off the services that come with Android phones (and if they don’t, you got the wrong phone), this is exactly what they want. And they plan on spreading it further. Schmidt said:

Android is by far the primary vehicle by which people are going to see smartphones. Our goal is to reach everybody.

Asked about Motorola, whose products many Googlers have said are not up to par with their expectations, he said something very interesting:

They have a new set of products, which are phenomenal. Very, very impressive.

When Motorola was purchased, they couldn’t just trash every planned product. So they released everything the old Motorola had in store before creating something new. Have we finally reached a point where the next phone in development is Google influenced? We sure hope so: Motorola products just don’t sell very well, but they have so much potential. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Though no information was released on what would happen, he did get us a little excited about Motorola for the first time in years. And when asked about products that aren’t phones, he said, “Think of it as phones-plus.” That tease. Are you finally excited for Motorola again?

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