Experimental Google Webpage With An “App Launcher” Available With Browser Tweak

Google often changes their web page a bit, but this time, it seems that they have a significant change in store for us. While this change isn’t going to be rolling out to a single person anytime soon, it’s available to play with if you modify your browser a little. Yes, this is an experimental change that isn’t ready for prime time, so expect bugs.

To achieve this, you’ll need a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera that modifies cookies. You’ll change one line of text, and you’ll get the new web page! You’ll notice that the top black bar will have disappeared, replaced by a new look. Now, you’ll only see links to Google+ and Gmail, with all others hidden in a small launcher. Signing in doesn’t work, along with Google+ notifications (a feature we found useful).

This is still a work in progress, so it’s not in a perfectly working state, but it’ll come to us eventually. They’ll modify it, fix it, and release it to the public. And for now, tinker with it all you’d like. Hit the source link for full instructions for the different browsers and tell us if you like the new design!

Google Operating System | The Verge

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