Facebook’s New “Launch Day” Ad For Facebook Home Features Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Home may be the “it” story of the Android world for the moment, and a new commercial for its”launch day” even features CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The good news is that the commercial isn’t nearly as painful to get through as HTC’s’ most recent marketing effort. What it does feature is “Joey,” a Facebook employee who is playing with his own HTC First device as Mark walks into the room and proclaims “this is it.” As Joey moves through status updates and photos on his profile the scenes come alive in Joey’s mind distracting him from the present and Mark’s pep talk.

This spot is undoubtedly better than Facebook’s first attempt to promote Home as it’s actually mentioned right from the get go. All in all, Facebook Home is shown here to be exactly what it is in real life, a distraction away from the real world filled with an eclectic look at the lives of your friends and family.

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