Feedly RSS App Hits The Play Store With New Features

Feedly is the most talked about RSS client out there, aside from the soon to be dead Google Reader. Many have migrated straight to Feedly, as they have worked to improve the service for their newfound customers. And the customers are plenty, with three million people joining after it was announced that Google is shutting down reader. That’s with a 4 million customer base from five years of providing service.

Their next step is to launch a new version of their app in the Play Store (and App Store if you’re into those kinds of things). With a new search engine, finding what you need is much faster than it used to be. They also integrated some smart features that will recommend popular feeds. This is a feature that will only get better as people use it more.

Along with that comes improved sharing, with a new +1 button for Google+ support. You can even choose some sharing options to not be hidden in a menu, showing up in your toolbar instead.

And biggest of all, Feedly announced their business model: it’ll be freemium. Yes, there will be an option to pay for service. The paid version would include power user features along with possible premium content. While some of you may complain, they have to make money somehow. If you want to try out their service, hit the source link for the app!

Play: Feedly | TechCrunch

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