First Google Glass Unboxings Hit The Web As Explorer Editions Start To Arrive

Color me jealous as the first set of Google Glass Explorer Editions are arriving around the country and getting pictured and unboxed. We’ve already learned all about the internal specs so we know exactly what we’re getting hardware wise, but I’m still jealous I can’t wear them around and confuse everyone with why I have these fancy glasses on.

Explorer Dan McLaughlin loaded the video to his YouTube page and it almost instantaneously made the blog circle last night. Unfortunately, DroidDog was suffering from our own little outage so we couldn’t bring you the video, but we’re doing so now and I encourage you to watch.

Inside the box you’ll find a charger, microUSB cable, pouch, attachable shade, clear lens and of course, the Glass hardware.

We’re going to reserve any judgements on quality, comfort and potential until we can get our hands on our own down the road, but until then…I’m totally jealous.

Android Central via YouTube

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