Galaxy S 4 Cannot Read Original TecTiles, New Ones Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a huge upgrade over its predecessor, and one of the things that was upgraded was the NFC chip. With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, Google started using a Broadcom NFC chip instead of the NXP chips they always used. And Samsung went with it, replacing the old NXP PN544 with a Broadcom BCM2079x.

While this chip supports more open protocols, it has the unfortunate side effect of rendering the original TecTiles useless to the Galaxy S 4. If you don’t know, TecTiles were Samsung’s own NFC stickers (and nice ones at that), capable of being programmed with the TecTiles app and triggering many actions.

To remedy the situation, Samsung announced that they will be releasing TecTiles 2 that will work with the new NFC chips. These TecTiles will soon be available for purchase, and hopefully Samsung will give them away like they did last year with registration. But before you blame Samsung for trying to make more money, know it isn’t exactly their fault. And before you get rid of your old TecTiles, just try to see if they work. Apparently, some were found to be the new TecTiles 2 with no new labeling.


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