Google Buys Utah’s iProvo Network For $1, Has 5 Years To Finish Upgrading It

When Google announced that it will bring Google Fiber to Provo, Utah, they said they’d be buying the existing iProvo fiber optic network to build on. And surprisingly, buying the entire network cost them a measly dollar. However, it isn’t like they got off easy. The upgrades to the network have to be done within five years, and it’s estimated to cost $30 million. This is no small investment, and it seems that is the reason the city sold the network for so little.

In the end, Google is still spending a ton of money, even with the network being a measly dollar. But Google Fiber will benefit the community immensely, so there is good reason for trying to help Google out. We’re glad to see the city and Google coming to a good agreement though, aren’t you?


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