Update: Google Creates Its Own Rendering Engine For Chromium

Chromium (and the Chrome browser that is built from it) is a complex web browser. Though it’s built on the standard WebKit rendering engine, it uses multi-process architecture. This is what allows one tab to crash horribly and the rest of the browser to keep working. However, integrating this and many other things into WebKit became complex and slowed down the process of innovation. This led to the decision to create their own rendering engine based off of WebKit.

The same day that Samsung and Mozilla announce their own rendering engine called Servo, Google does the same. They will call this rendering engine Blink, and it’ll be fully open source. And the introduction of this optimized and simple engine will allow them to immediately remove 7 build systems and delete 7,000 files with 4.5 million lines worth of code. And of course, it’ll just improve from there.

This could lead to a better Chrome for all of us. But at the moment, it’s all going into Chromium. For more information about Blink, check out their project page.

Update: The engineering leaks of the Blink rendering engine will be answering questions tomorrow in a video Q&A, so if you have any questions, ask them here! And don’t forget to vote up your favorite questions so they’ll have a bigger chance to be answered.

Chromium Blog | The Verge

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