Google Creating A Multiplayer Back End For The Play Store

Google Play Services, still going under its old acronym of GMS, is a set of components integrated into apps that help connect to Google services. Google authentication, Google+ log in, Wallet support, all of those are components of GMS. Developers have to put those components into their apps to get these things working, so they can be put in individually. However, with the case of the new MyGlass app, all of them were put in for whatever reason. This isn’t detrimental to the app of course, as it’ll never use these services, but it did reveal something we have never seen: Google Games.

Android Police tore through the MyGlass APK and explored this new “games” section, revealing a lot of cool stuff. Google Games, as we shall call it from now on, will feature a lot of cool services for developers to use in their games whenever it’s released. Keep in mind this is all unfinished software, and isn’t available to developers.

Google Games will feature a back end for real time multiplayer, games like first person shooters where people are all playing together at the same time. This should make it far easier for developers to integrate proper multiplayer, as they won’t have to deal with getting it to work right.

There will also be full support for turn based multiplayer, for those of you who like board games or the ever popular drawing games. It’ll also integrate a notification system, so you’ll be warned when it is your turn again.

For real time multiplayer, there will also be in game chat. This is a double edged sword: those who play online video games know what I’m talking about. To go along with that, there will also be lobbies for getting into games. And of course, invitations to said lobbies.

Leaderboards are a must for any competitive game. For most of us, this means shame, but for talented people it’ll be really useful. And of course, what service can be successful without achievements? So Google threw that in too.

Hopefully this will all be announced soon. We can expect to see it at Google I/O, which is inching nearer and nearer. It sounds like an awesome and really complete service for helping developers get multiplayer into their games. It’ll really raise the quality of many games. Are you excited to see this come to life? Or does Android not need this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Android Police

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