Google Earning Reports For Q1 2013 Released, $14 Billion In Revenue

Google’s earning reports for the first quarter of 2013 are in, and they look pretty good. We say pretty good from the companies point of view, as $13.97 billion in revenue is a lot better than pretty good to us. That revenue is a 31% increase from the first quarter of 2012. Their net income was $3.48 billion, which is 25% of revenues. This compares to $3.39 billion and 32% of revenues last year, because of lower revenue.

Cost per click for Google decreased 4% over Q1 of 2012, and 4% over Q4 of 2012 interestingly. However, it’s made up by the fact that clicks were up 20% over Q1 of 2012 and 3% over Q4 of 2012.

Motorola Mobile revenues were at 7% of Google’s revenue, at $1.02 billion. But that might change soon, with Google influenced devices coming soon from Motorola.

While they’re earning a lot of money, and continuing to grow, it seems that cost per click is dropping a bit. It also seems that their profit to revenue ratio is shrinking. However, in the end, Google is undoubtedly doing well, so we have nothing to worry about. Hit the source link for the full details on their earnings.

Google Investor

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