Google Glass App Store Will Have A Pre-Approval Process At First

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, had a few interesting things to say about Google Glass. For those who don’t know, Google Glass is a pair of glasses with a camera and heads up display built in, bringing true wearable computing to those lucky enough to be participating in the Explorer program. And something important you should know is that its app store will have a pre-approval process, not unlike the one Apple uses for the Appstore.

Since this is such a new type of product, Google has decided to start off cautiously. Schmidt said that “It’s always easier to open it up more in the future” so it may not be like this forever. But at first, it seems that it won’t be as open as the Play Store.

Then, Eric Schmidt spoke a little about Google Glass. He says talking to Google Glass to control it is “the weirdest thing” and that “There are obviously places where Google Glasses are inappropriate.” He says that people will have to develop new etiquette to use such a product. And we agree, as such a product opens up big privacy concerns. We’ll see how they keep things safe, we’re definitely interested in how limitless (or limited) Google Glass will be.


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