Google Glass Specs Revealed, Dual Core With Ice Cream Sandwich

It looks like some clever devs figured out a few of the specs of Google Glass using USB debugging and ADB. And interestingly, Glass runs an older version of Android. On board is Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.4, which came out almost a year and a half ago. We aren’t sure why this was done, but it really doesn’t matter on a pair of glasses, does it? Along with that, you have a TI OMAP 4430 dual core processor, an underclocked version of the processor found in the Galaxy Nexus (OMAP 4460). There is also 1GB of RAM, of which only 682MB are available to the user. These are pretty nice specs for such a tiny device, we can’t say we’re disappointed. On the other hand, they are $1,500, so the specs better be nice.

The rest of the specs are unknown for now, and until Google announces them, we might not know (maybe iFixit will do a teardown?). We also wonder if the specs will be beefed up for consumer models next year. It isn’t necessary or important, but you never know.


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