Google Glass Team Member Gets Sassy When Explaining That Google Glass Is Intentionally Unlocked

With Google Glass Explorer edition out to developers for $1500 a piece, you’d think it’d be obvious that the devices are fully unlocked for the developers pleasure. Apparently not, as some people might have thought that there were exploits that needed to be used. One of the Glass teams technical leads, Stephen Lau, posted this extra sassy response to all the blog posts about rooting and all that stuff.

Not to bring anybody down… but seriously… we intentionally left the device unlocked so you guys could hack it and do crazy fun shit with it. I mean, FFS, you paid $1500 for it… go to town on it. Show me something cool.

He also linked to a post by Dan Morill, which linked to an article about “rooting” Google Glass. Hit the source link to check all of that out, and be sure to read the comments on Stephen Lau’s post! It’s some interesting stuff.

+Stephen Lau | Droid-Life

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