Google Hoping To Ship Glass Explorer Edition This Month

It looks like developers are about to get their Google Glass! Talking to ABC News, a Google spokesperson said, “This month Google hopes to ship Glass Explorer Edition, designed for the first people to examine the potential uses of Glass. Developers can tinker with Glass and consumers can try it out in the real world.” So the Google Glass hardware may be ready for use, even if the software isn’t. But that’s what developers are for!

The Explorer edition of Google Glass will cost $1,500 to those who have the ability to buy one. This includes those who attended Google I/O 2012, and those who won the #ifihadglass contest Google held. We don’t know if both groups are going to be receiving their pair, or just the developers from I/O, but it’s great to see such a futuristic project nearing completion, at least on the hardware side of things.

Folks, the future is near. Do you think Google Glass will change the way we live our lives? Or will it be a gimmick? What do you want to see developers do with the product? Leave a comment with your thoughts, wishes, and dreams!

ABC News | Brief Mobile

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