Google Intends To Bring Google Fiber To Provo, Utah

It looks like Google is bringing Fiber to a third city, this time in Utah! For those living in Provo, Utah, just know that we are all jealous. Google is in the process of buying the iProvo fiber optic network from the city, which has to go through a vote by city council (on April 23rd). But once it passes, they will start upgrading the network to gigabit speeds, which means everyone who was covered by the original network will now be eligible for Google Fiber!

The wonderful thing about Fiber is that there is a free plan. You pay $30 once, and you get free 5 mbps internet for at least 7 years! But if you want full gigabit speeds, they’ll be available to you, along with Google Fiber TV. And Good Guy Google will be dishing out free gigabit internet to 25 local public institutions (schools, hospitals, and libraries).

Google Fiber is spreading fast, and just like every time it’s brought up, we dearly hope it’ll come to us. The Bay Area seems like the perfect place for it!

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