Google Introduces Three New Accessories For The Nexus 4

If you have a Nexus 4 but feel like your life is empty without accessories to go along with it, Google (finally) has your back. They have released three accessories onto the Play Store, and while the prices are not as low as we’d like, they aren’t so bad for official accessories.

First up are the headphones. Not only do they have flat tangle-free cables, they also have a microphone for taking calls. And with two rubber seals on the tips, they should fit well, from the look of it. However, that’s not a guarantee. But for $20, it looks to be a great deal.

Next up is the wall charger. It’s an average wall charger providing 1.2A of power. It’s just like the original and will set you back $16, which is a bit steep.

Last but not least, there is a USB cable. It’s also identical to the stock one and nothing but a plain old USB cable. It costs $10, which is a nice price for a well made cable.

We wish that Google released these with the Nexus 4, because that’s the logical thing to do. It’s a bit ridiculous that we had to wait so long just to get a replacement USB cable from the Play Store. So are any of these accessories catching your eye?

Play Store: Nexus 4 Headphones | Nexus 4 Power Adapter | Nexus 4 USB Cable

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