Google Now May Be Coming To The Web

Google Now for Android (well, Jelly Bean anyway) has been an absolutely fantastic product. Not only is it useful, it’s also smart. But being limited to one platform can’t be good for Google Now, as Google relies on their services to earn them money. Android isn’t their primary focus. And we’ve seen some people that suggest it’ll come to iOS, and even to the desktop version of Chrome, but we finally get to see that it might just come to the home page, existing as a web interface.

Above is source code for a Google page showing many references to Google Now, including a line that says “Get started with Google Now.” When Google Now comes to the web, you’ll have to opt in (it does collect information, as most Google products do), but we can assure you that Google Now is definitely worth it. After setting your home and work locations (which your mobile device will do automatically), you’ll be able to receive weather updates, traffic conditions, and more. We personally can’t wait to have Google Now in our browsers, can you?


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