Google Play Bans Apps From Updating Outside Of The Play Store

In light of recent events, Google has updated its Play Store policies. As you can see below, app developers are no longer allowed to update their apps in a way that’s not through the Play Store. This is under “Dangerous Products” and basically tries to keep things safe. If an app that follows all Play Store restrictions updates itself outside of the Play Store, it suddenly can break Google’s rules, or worse, contain malware. So this is with good intentions of safety.

This is in light of recent events, namely Facebook updating itself outside of the Play Store multiple times so far. And honestly, that’s always been extremely suspicious to me. There is really no need, as far as I know, so this policy does help.

However, there are negative repercussions. Some apps update outside of the Play Store to allow beta access, like Nova Launcher did. Now, apps like that need to provide a separate APK for beta builds, instead of easily integrating them into a menu of the Play Store build. This new policy has its ups and downs, but in the end, it’s probably for the best. What do you guys think?


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