Google Search Updated With Some New Fancy Tricks

Google Search Update

Google Search received a fun new update today to bringing in some new features such as real time package tracking from select carriers, quick feedback and settings on cards, and faster Google search results.  As you can see in my screen shot above, cards now have a little ‘info’ symbol in the upper right corner that can be pressed to bring settings for that particular card.  I haven’t been able to spot the new real time package tracking yet, but I do have a package on the way that I’m pretty excited about.  So I’ll update this post as I see more.  This is hopefully a big improvement over the basically unhelpful “Your package has shipped” card.  All in all, a small update but I think it’ll be useful and who doesn’t like updates making things faster?!?  Remember, Google Search is still only available for devices running Android 4.1+, but more and more devices are getting a hold of Jelly Bean every day.  The new Google Search is available in the Play Store now.

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