Google’s Revenue From The Play Store Quickly Catching Up To Apple

While Android has been incredibly popular, and has overtaken iOS in sales long ago, revenues from the respective app stores are a whole different story. In total, both app stores took in $2.2 billion in revenue in the first three months of 2013. And according to one firm, Canalys, Apple earned 74% of that money, or $1.48 billion. They also say that the Play Store earned only 18%.

However, a different firm called App Annie says that the Play Store earned 38.5% of Apple’s revenue, despite having up to 90% of their downloads. Comparing that to last year, Google earned only a tenth of Apple’s revenue, so they’re quickly catching up. They also say that the growth between last years fourth quarter to 2013′s first quarter was 90%, which is a huge growth.

A lot of this is attributed to quality apps being on the rise. Android used to have mostly free apps, most of which were pretty low quality. Paid apps are on the rise, but so is quality, so we definitely cannot complain. And this obviously proves that people are willing to pay for good apps, something Android used to lack.

Canalys CEO Adam Daum believes that Google will only catch up to Apple in revenue in 2016. However, looking at the growth, it might just be sooner than that. What do you guys think? Will Google catch up soon? Are you willing to pay for a high quality app? Tell us in the comments!


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