Head Of Windows Mobile Bashes Android, Avoids Questions

Head of Windows Mobile Terry Myerson did an interview at D: Dive Into Mobile and was asked to comment on the current state of Android and his thoughts on Facebook Home. The first thing he says about Android? “It’s a mess.” Of course, in a sense, he’s right. OEMs just aren’t making much money aside from Samsung, but that’s looking to change soon. Then he goes on to talk about how Chrome and Android are merging, and since Chrome is a closed platform, Android will lose its “open” status.

We can assume he’s saying this because Andy Rubin has departed the Android team, replaced by Sundar Puchai. Pichai is the head of the Chrome OS team, which starts to make sense. However, he’s also the head of the Google Apps team. They have publicly stated that this does not mean Chrome OS and Android are coming together, nor would it make sense for them to at the moment.

He then goes on to say that Google is trying to do something about Facebook Home, namely get rid of it. He says they don’t want Home on their platform and are trying to figure out a way to “quash” it. Looks like he has an informant on the inside… or it’s plain untrue. There are dozens of launchers on Google Play, and Google never minded. It is the spirit of Android to change what you want, and Google doesn’t care, as long as they get their ad money from people using their services. And Facebook Home doesn’t really inhibit that.

Oh boy, Android fans are probably livid right now. Take a second to calm down, and leave a comment with your thoughts! And try to keep it clean.

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