iFixit Tears Apart A Galaxy S 4, Gives It An Encouraging 8 Out Of 10

Paying $600 for a new smartphone in the event that yours breaks is difficult. That’s a lot of money just because your camera broke. What some people do is just go in and repair it themselves, as those kinds of parts are fairly cheap. However, you should know how easy your future phone is to repair before going out and buying it with your precious upgrade. iFixit is a great site to check out for that kind of content. And since the two biggest devices of the year are the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4, we wrote about both of them. You can find the HTC One article here, where it got an abysmal one out of ten repair score.

The Galaxy S 4, on the other hand, did far better. I guess the “cheap” construction helps significantly. The device has a total of 11 screws, all standard #0, and most of the pieces are easily separable. This means that if one piece breaks, whether its the vibe motor, camera, speaker, or almost anything, it’ll be easy to replace. Some parts are held in by adhesive, so you’ll have to do a little bit of pulling.

However, the glass is fused to the internal frame of the device. If you want to replace cracked glass, you’ll have to buy an entire frame. I had to repair an S III broken screen, and the frame was $200 with new glass, screen, speakers, sensors, and all that. With these gapless displays, it’s not easy to take them apart.

In the end, the device got an 8 out of 10, which is a damn good score. We’re sure tinkerers will really appreciate the repairability of the device. It’s as repairable as the Galaxy S III, and in my book, that’s fantastic. What do you guys think?


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