Iron Man 3 Official Game Launches On The Play Store, Massive Endless Runner

If you’re a big Iron Man fan, this might be the game for you. Gameloft has taken the Iron Man franchise into the world of gaming once again, except unlike previous attempts by other companies, Gameloft made it into an endless runner, a la Temple Run. With upgrades, 18 different suits, and actual combat mixed in with the endless running (flying?), it should have a good amount of gameplay for those who download it. And best of all, it’s free!

However, it’s almost 800MB in size. Downloading it to my 8GB Nexus 7, I saw the size and nope’d out hard. If you can spare the space on a larger capacity device, then go for it. And with some really positive reviews on the Play Store, it’s definitely worth a try. Hit the source link to give it a spin!

Play: Iron Man 3 – The Official Game | Android Police

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