Judge Koh To Resume Samsung Vs Apple Trial This November

We’ve had a period of time to relax and get our minds off of the court case, but this November, it’s all coming back. The famous case between Samsung and Apple, where Apple sued and won a hefty $1.05 billion, only to have that reduced to $450.5 million by the always interesting Judge Lucy Koh, is returning to court and the public eye. The court case will resume sometime between the 12th and 18th of November, and will only continue with the previous ruling.

In this case, Apple will not be allowed to expand the scope of the trial, instead focusing on the 14 devices currently being discussed. This could easily drop Samsung’s penalty below the current $450 million mark, or even raise it if Apple has their way. None of us like this whole situation, but there is no denying that it’s interesting. So what do you guys think about it after some time to think?


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