Koush And XDA Team Up To Create Universal ADB Driver With Windows 8 Compatibility

If you own multiple Android devices, and you like to tinker with them using ADB, then you might know it doesn’t always work perfectly. The problem was worsened by Windows 8 for some people with driver verification, though some people were left unscathed. But in the interest of making things much much easier for everyone, Koushik Dutta has created a universal ADB driver for any Android device and support for Windows 8.

Of course, there are a lot of devices to encapsulate, and he couldn’t do it alone. This accomplishment was due in part to the XDA community, who privided device and vendor ids to make all this possible. Things like these bring people together, goals to make our lives a little easier (even if it isn’t a big thing).

If you want to try it for yourself, hit the source links below and enjoy! We’re sure it’ll make a lot of people’s lives much easier (for someone who just reinstalled Windows, I’m glad to have this available).

Download Installer | GitHub Source | +Koushik Dutta | Android Police

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