Kyocera Torque Torture Tested By Wirefly On Video

If you have the stomach to see a smartphone being tortured on camera, we suggest you watch the above video. Wirefly took the liberty of testing some of Kyocera’s claims about the Torque, and even going far beyond that. The Torque is rated to be waterproof for 30 minutes at 1 meter under water. It can also survive three hours in temperatures of -22 degrees. So they decided to test all those claims in clever ways.

The first test involved them throwing the device in a washing machine for 33 minutes, slightly exceeding the waterproof rating. It came out unharmed. The second test was to freeze it in a block of ice. This involved leaving the device in a bowl of water for 15 hours in a freezer. Yet somehow, it still survived just fine. The last test was a drop test, from the second story of a parking garage. They did two drops at that height. The first drop didn’t damage the phone, but the second one managed to crack the housing, but not the screen. Of course, it’s only rated drop proof at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, so the fact that it survived the first drop is really impressive.

So the Kyocera Torque is a very durable phone, far more durable than it claims to be. And while we think you should not be going around testing these claims, if you need a rugged phone, this one does the job well. What did you think of the video? Did you enjoy it, or did you cringe? Tell us in the comments!


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