Man Tries To Destroy Galaxy S 4 Display With Knives, (Obviously) Unsuccessful

What do all scratch tests on Gorilla Glass have in common? That’s right, they fail. Unless you’re using sand, you can’t do much against Gorilla Glass aside from crack it. This man took a video of himself trying to damage the glass on his Samsung Galaxy S 4 using knives, coins, and keys. He keeps trying and trying, but nothing works. Of course nothing works, it’s Gorilla Glass. Metal is too soft to scratch it, so scratch tests are mostly useless. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (as long as they are all Gorilla Glass). But of course, it’s in a sense comforting to see the device you want to buy being attacked and taking it like a champ. So if you’re getting a Galaxy S 4, know that it can take some abuse in the front. But so can all Gorilla Glass devices.


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