New HTC One Commercial With James Van Der Beek Will Make You Facepalm

Whoever is in charge of HTC’s marketing needs to be slapped silly after making this commercial. I mean, really? What in the world were they thinking when this was created? HTC posted this parody video to Funny Or Die and they must have intended it to be funny and witty but it isn’t either. They brought in James Van Der Beek to host this “The Bachelor” parody but honestly didn’t make use of his talents. Instead, they threw in a couple of comments about the Zoe feature and the battery life but then had over three and a half minutes of ridiculous acting and pathetic jokes.

I’m not sure why HTC felt the need to make this commercial but it’s not a direction that they should be going anywhere near. I sincerely hope that they turn this marketing fiasco around and start making some decent commercials. Please, feel free to give us your thoughts on the commercial below.

Funny Or Die

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