Nexus 10 Sales Haven’t Been Very Strong, According To Estimate

The Nexus 10, a high end tablet manufactured by Samsung, isn’t quite cheap. It’s crazy 2560×1600 display, along with what used to be an unheard of dual core A15 processor, are really high end. It’s quite a luxury item, yet still sold for only $400. But $400 is a high price, and with it being only on the Play Store for the most part, we couldn’t imagine it selling all that well. Now, an analyst has an estimate for how many Nexus 10s Google sold so far.

Google has not released any sales numbers, but they do release statistics for the Play Store. And with its crazy high resolution, it’s labeled as “xlarge” in the OS, and has a pixel density of “xdpi.” Those devices account for 0.1% of all visits to the Play Store, and using the amount of Android devices out there, a good estimate of sales would be around 680,000. Of course, this assumes that 0.1% is accurate, which it could just be the lowest value they can display. It could also be slightly higher, as none of these numbers are accurate.

With 7 inch tablets taking off, people see less and less reason to buy 10 inch tablets. I was a firm believer in the 10 inch tablet, but the Nexus 7 swayed me. I couldn’t justify $400 for a tablet that’s just bigger and heavier. What about you guys? Which Android tablet do you own? Would you buy the Nexus 10? Tell us in the comments!

Ben Evans | Pocket Now

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