Nokia Gets Preliminary Injunction On HTC One Over Microphone Tech

With HTC facing dropping profits, delays with HTC One manufacturing, and the risk of the CEO leaving due to the One not succeeding, a lot rides on their new flagship. However, they’re facing even worse luck, as Nokia filed for and was granted a preliminary injunction against the device in Amsterdam. The issue is over the high-amplitude microphones HTC is using and actively advertising. The mics allow both recording of quiet audio clearly and really loud audio without heavy distortion that plagues most other devices.

Well apparently those mics were based on the same technology Nokia invented and used in their their Lumia 720. Nokia claims that the “microphone components [were] invented by and manufactured exclusively for Nokia.” It seems that Nokia is blaming ST Microelectronics, but has a preliminary injunction on the HTC One because it may be using proprietary technology. HTC has released a statement:

HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon without HTC having to modify their phones. That’d be an absolute shame. What do you guys think of the situation? Leave a comment!


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