Photos Of Facebook Home Revealed

These images were leaked of Facebook’s newest endeavor with Android, Facebook Home. This upcoming software, which should be officially announced tomorrow, is set to be running on the HTC First, previously known as the HTC Myst. The home replacement is meant to be a simple way to navigate through your apps with full Facebook integration.

It seems that photos will be pushes to the background, and while the screenshot has a pretty photo, that may not always be the case. They also put notifications front and center on what seems to be the lockscreen. And on the homescreen, you get an app drawer with buttons to post to Facebook without entering the app. Overall, it looks less like Facebook integration and more like adding Facebook buttons to a Froyo-looking launcher. Hopefully they’ll have a few tricks up their sleeves when they release it tomorrow, because what we see now isn’t impressive.

9 to 5 Google

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