Poll: How Do You Feel About The New Google Play Store 4.0?

New Google Play Books Home - Tablet

As you may well have noticed, Google is rolling out a new look for their Play Store, version 4.0.  We saw a few leaks, so we knew it was coming but I was surprised it rolled out before Google I/O with it being so close.  If it hasn’t hit your device yet, you can force it onto your device by grabbing it from this post here.  Functionality wise, it’s still the Play Store you know and love, but it brings in to play the card look we know from Google Now along with a few other minor changes.  I happen to really like the look, but the update didn’t bring the purchased apps list that I really wanted back.  But we have a question for you:

How do you feel about the new Google Play Store 4.0?

It’s always fun to see what everyone thinks about the changes.  If I didn’t cover your thoughts well with the poll selections, be sure to comment and let us know what you think.  Chances are, you have the same feelings as someone else and it might be fun to talk about it. Thanks for voting!
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