Pre-Order AT&T HTC One, Get Free Media Link HD

Even though each of the three carriers is getting the same HTC One, AT&T is managing to differentiate itself and offer an extra bonus for pre-ordering there. If you pre-order the device through April 18th, they will give you a free HTC Media Link HD with your purchase. It’s not a cheap product, so you’re getting a really good deal (if you ignore the whole two year contract thing).

So what does the Media Link HD do? It hooks up to your TV over HDMI (and power via micro USB) and lets you stream media from your HTC One or other new HTC device straight to your TV. This pairs with HTC’s own movie rental service to create a media-oriented device. It’s definitely a nice device to have, even if it’s not all that useful to those without massive amounts of media on their phones. So pre-order away!

Android Central

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