Public Service Announcement: Galaxy S 4 Now Available From AT&T, Sprint

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ZOMG the day has finally arrived as the much-anticipated Galaxy S 4 arrives on AT&T and Sprint. Well sort of, at least in the case of AT&T the device is now available through both retail and online customer channels. Unfortunately for Sprint customers, the device is only available online as Sprint has found itself suffering from limited inventory.

As AT&T hasn’t reported any delays, we imagine they have enough supply on hand to meet the demands of first adopters. The bottom line, if you’re an AT&T customer and you’ve been counting down the minutes to the release of the Galaxy S 4, run, don’t walk to your nearest company-owned AT&T retail location.

Sprint hasn’t provided a date for in-store availability, but we hope it takes very little time for Samsung to catch up with demand and get this phone into the hands of the millions who want it.

AT&T, Sprint

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