Red HTC One Appears Again, May Be Saved For The Future

There has been another spotting of the fabled red HTC One. It showed up on their site once before, and was promptly taken down. Only the black and silver now remain, but that raises the question, will there be other colors for the One? The red one being up was confirmed as nothing more than a mistake, so we aren’t getting a red one anytime soon.

Maybe HTC will adopt a similar strategy to Samsung. As people get more and more bored of the device over a period of months, they will release new colors to keep people interested and to net more buyers. The Galaxy S III has been released in many colors, including a purple one right before the release of the Galaxy S 4. Hopefully we’ll see some nice colors for the One! What do you think? Will they introduce more colors? Should they do it now? Tell us in the comments!

9 to 5 Google | Android Central

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