Reference To HTC DLXPLUS In Leaked OTA Info Hints At Verizon Landing

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the DLXPLUS, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. HTC recently confirmed that they would be making a follow up to the HTC Butterfly, better known as the DROID DNA in the US. Yes, it’d be making more high end phones when they promised not to, but that debate is for another time. The Butterfly was originally known as the HTC DLX, and it’s logical that the DLXPLUS would be its successor.

Leaked OTA information has once again mentioned the DLXPLUS, but links it to Verizon. It states that it may have the same radios that Verizon uses, so it might be coming to Verizon eventually. This might be to make their customers feel better about missing out on the HTC One. Hopefully it’ll offer comparable hardware, including the coveted BoomSound. We’ll see what they decide to do here, but we already don’t like the direction they’re taking. What do you guys think?


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