Russians Run Two ROMs At The Same Time on Galaxy S II/Nexus S

Many people carry two phones at all times, most of the time for business reasons. But what if a phone could act like two different phones? Sure, we’ve seen dual booting before. It’s annoying to reboot and the second ROM often has to be the same type as the first. It’s an impractical solution. But a team of students at the St. Petersburg University of Russian Academy of Sciences figured out a better way, with help from Parallels.

Parallels creates software for virtualization, and using their guidance, the students were able to run two versions of Android at the same time on fairly old hardware. Parallels also confirmed that everything seen in the video is real.

In the video, they use a Galaxy S II (they also got it running on a Nexus S) running what seems to be CyanogenMod 7. And with the press of a button, it switches to an identical ROM with a different background. And this is truly two ROMs running together, because they played music on the first one, switched, and played music on the second one at a different volume. They also ran Angry Birds and benchmarks, showing that even on an old device, system performance wasn’t impacted very much.

In normal use, they say that it only uses 10% more of the battery. The effect is so small because switching Android versions puts the other version to sleep, which keeps it from draining much battery. And with the ROMs being independent, this would be the perfect business solution (and a similar concept to Samsung KNOX). And while this is all early in its development stages, we hope something comes of this because aside from being unique, it’s also incredibly useful. What do you guys think?

Rozetked | Android Police

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