Samsung Electronics Releases Profit Figures, Made $6.4 Billion In Net Profit

Samsung has been on a steady rise for years as their mobile business explodes. With their crazy sales of the Galaxy S series, it’s obvious they’re really successful. Well their profit numbers for the first quarter of 2013 are in, and they ended up making 7.15 trillion won, or $6.4 billion, in net profits. At the same time last year, they made 5.50 trillion won, which is almost a 40% increase. And this is all before the Galaxy S 4 came out, so sales should be significantly boosted next quarter.

According to Samsung, Galaxy S III sales were steady, while sales of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Tab 2 have increased. And it seems that TV and PC sales have declined, as they did for LG, who said the overall market demand for them was dropping. If you want to see the full documents, hit the source link! There is a bunch of information for you to look through.

Samsung | Engadget

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