Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories Available In The UK

With the UK now able to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, accessories will become crucial. Samsung has a few good ones to offer already, so let’s take a look.

First up is the cover, which is like most covers. It’ll fold to keep the tablet propped up at angles. It’s a simple but useful accessory.

This pouch is pretty unique. Not only will it hold your Note 8.0 when travelling, but it can also be used as a stand. It folds and offers two different viewing angles.

The vehicle mount is pretty simple, but definitely nice. An 8″ GPS sounds awesome, and if you use vehicle diagnostics apps, this would also be an awesome use.

This is a screen protector. Also self explanatory, but good to know Samsung is making official ones.

And of course, you can buy extra S Pens if you need them. They’re, as always, a bit pricey at £19.99, but you get what you pay for. Are any of you excited to get the Note 8.0 in the US? Tell us in the comments!

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