Samsung Galaxy S 4 Ships With 16GB Memory, Less Than 9 Usable

This story has been reported many times with many different devices, but this time it’s about the Samsung Galaxy S 4. As you probably know, the standard Galaxy S 4 model comes with 16GB of on board memory. And as most of us know, that is how much memory the physical chip has, not how much is available to the user. So people shouldn’t really be shocked that their phone comes with less than what the spec states. You don’t buy a 1TB computer and complain that Windows takes up a ton of space, do you? That complaint is only made towards the Surface Pro!

But the Galaxy S 4 is an interesting case. From that 16GB of memory, 45% is used by the system. TouchWiz gets bigger and bigger with each iteration, and it seems that it’s big enough to eat into over 7GB. This leaves you with 8.82GB free, which really isn’t much. People will make the argument of the device having a microSD card slot (something that I require on all my phones), but in this case, the argument is irrelevant. Barring the idea of root, due to most customers not even knowing of the option, there is no way to get games onto the external SD. All those 1GB and 2GB games will sit on your internal memory, and four games later, you’re done. On top of that, Google Play media is also internal storage only.

Keep in mind that the HTC One has the same amount of storage used up by the system. The way they made it a non-issue is by including 32GB of memory in the cheapest model. Easy, problem solved! Why Samsung didn’t do it is a mystery. When your software is evolving and growing, so should storage. The original Galaxy S came with 16GB standard, that should have been doubled last year.

So if you like many games on your device, or are a heavy user of Google Play media, you might want to think twice about buying the 16GB Galaxy S 4. It doesn’t have much space. But for most, this isn’t an issue at all. But for us power users, it might be.


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